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Freedom is Renaissance – and vice versa

By @DavidGuenni

The political language of the USA ends up influencing -and changing- the political language of the rest of the world, just like with everything else. The West has been particularly affected by this reality, and it’s no wonder: the USA is still the most powerful nation-State on the planet, so, for that matter, it is the only remaining head champion of Western civilization – whether you like it or not.

There used to be a time when being a liberal meant being a liberal: an advocate of John Locke’s ideas… and of the thought stemming from all his heirs (up to Herbert Spencer). America was founded upon the bedrock of that Liberalism. But ever since the socio-political cleavage broke out between “conservatives” and “liberals”, within that original Liberalism, this new divide then became institutionalized, among other places, in the structure of the two-party system.

Soonthey were talking about “liberals” referring actually to the Left, and about “conservatives”referring actually to the Center. After the near-extinction of original Liberalism in Europe,this situation meant thatreal liberals had to be found chiefly within Anglo-American “Conservatism”, whereas socialists began to disguise themselves as “liberals”.

In a predominantly Left-wing, post-war Western world, the Right had been almost wiped out and the Center (Liberalism) could be identified almost entirely with those who wished to conserve the principles laid out by Magna Carta defenders and the American Founding Fathers. This ideological shiftended up permeating everywhere, and liberals could no longer label their currents and movements as liberal.

So when adifferent sort of “classic” Liberalism resurrected in the second half of the XX century -mainly through the effort of the Austrian School of Economics-,the well-established Left-wing intelligentsia started dismissively referring to this new current of thought as neo-liberal. This post-modern breed of liberals didn’t want to be branded falsely, so they started categorizing themselves as “libertarians” – a label that anarchists had used decades before this ideological guerilla wareven began.

Thus, Libertarianism became a solid “ideology” – scholarly developed by prominent figures and clearly centered on an Economics-driven philosophy. In a country like Venezuela, which so far has been governed solely by Positivism and then Socialism, (classic) Liberalism is a real alternative novelty -unlike in Europe or the USA-, and “libertarians” are hence considered radicals, extremists, «Right-wing» anarchists…

Taking one brief look at the existential cultural-political battletaking place in Latin America, even the dumbest observer can realize that the Left is the permanent enemy here. But in fact, the Left is just a modern version of the ongoing attempt(s) at conquering -and destroying– Western civilization and culturealtogether. This war on the West is as old as the Persian menace against the ancient Greek city-States. Why conquer and destroy the West? Because they want to obliterate Freedom from this Earth.

Freedom isn’t only what has made Western civilization the greatest human projectin universal history – Freedom is the essence of the West. And Man’s Being is Freedom itself; so one can dare say that, basically, the West is the ultimate manifestation of mankind. But the West didn’t “accomplish” Freedom as such, it accomplished the individual or person – which, in turn, is the true bearer of Freedom. The value, ideal, and practice of Freedom was always there with westerners, since the beginning… since we first settled around the Mediterranean. By the way, notice how I speak of Freedom instead of Liberty (the creative,internally-powered side of the matter, in the English language; instead of the negative, externally-derived side).

So how can we finally win this total war against the West, defeat our conquerors, and avoid annihilation? How can we reclaim our greatness and live in self-assertion again? How can we take back what is ours? We must stand up and be ourselves again. We always beat destruction with creation, and always overcome conquest by self-conquering. Our civilization and culture have been weakened to the gravest point yet; we have been forced into self-denial, self-loathing and repentance.The decline hasn’t stopped for centuries and, attack after attack, our «identity crisis» only gets worse. It is a crisis of meaning, a crisis of purpose, and a crisis of Being.

This war demands a decisive spiritual understanding from us, as individuals. You may already sense that the Left is only one arm of this global enemy, a much larger enemy, bigger than anything we could ever tackle on the economic and/or political fronts. Look, Libertarianism is fine and all, but it is missing something huge – like it is only a portion of what was. Just like the war is deeply fought on a wider scale than the social-material one, our thoughts, actions, and energy ought to be encompassing a wider, more profound ideal. I’m talking about Classicism.

Hey, I get it. “Libertarians” did the best they could with the tools they foundto revive true Liberalism and bring it back to the forefront. But the West is so amazing that it requires more than that to be great again. And no, I’m not saying we should embrace the crooked counter-values of Progress(ivism). On the contrary.We have been so blinded by the flashes of our own prosperity that we have confused it with the crazy ideas progressives (liberals and “liberals” included) scream out constantly. I’ll just say it: we need a return of the principles, ideals and values that made the West great in the first place. We need (another) Renaissance.

Wait, a Renaissance? Yes! Becausethe last time anybody tried to reconcile classic Western (Greco-Roman) energies with a liberal existence was in the period known as the Renaissance. Like all outstanding, beautiful, strong, and free things, that period lasted very shortly – while stretching very far in memory.Also, honestly,Renaissance actually means «rebirth»: we want our once almighty culture and civilization to be born again!

The only way we can make Freedom win is if we overcome modern political ideologies – not the debate, but the necessity itself.The only way we can overcome those ideologies is to gravitate towards a higher/deeper frequency that reconnects us to our human dignity: on a philosophical level in which we can travel to the remembrance of the ancient heroic ethos. Valor, Honor, Pride, Strength, Defiance, Excellence, and, most of all, Nobility.

Overcoming dogmatic thinking, and moving beyond “Left-Center-Right” is a question of survival… a matter of life or death (Mors tua vita mea). Now the path won’t be easy/clear, but who said transcendence was a walk in the park?

We must let go of the obsessions with -and fixations on- Reason, Equality, Progress, Control, Security, Welfare, and Peace. These cannot be absolutes; they are not values because their ideal attainment is anti-human – anti-Nature! If they were Western in nature they wouldn’t be incessantly pushed for by the global establishment.

Energetically speaking, higher is deeper; just like, mythologically speaking, future is past (or end is beginning); just like, practically speaking, Freedom is Renaissance… And know this: no matter how anti-Left (anti-Globalism) you are, if you don’t embrace Classicism you’re aiding the enemythrough emptiness and lack of passion.


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