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Libertarian -English version-

By @RoderickNavarro from @VFutura

Freedom is my highest value.

I believe in the individuality of men; in its creative, powerful and sovereign will. In that capacity he has to demolish and create, to innovate forever. Is this what makes me trust him: its similarity to the divine. Each person is unique and unrepeatable in its existence. That’s natural, is part of an undeniable reality and therefore does it right: we are not all equal.

The man is reason and passion; who has a consciousness of its two halves, live fully their existence. In this sense, freedom means not going against yourself. External forces affect the individuality of those who do not speak any of its two halves. -I know plenty.

I am responsible for my actions and my word, for it, I have no fear of leaving the traces my steps. I never regret what I am or what I do, – I am master of my destiny.

My dignity has no price nor is it owned by anyone, but only myself. Nobody can bend my knees to get my obedience; none can put my voice to force to silence what I say; no one can cut my hands to prevent write what I write; nobody can corrupt my spirit to avoid I think. I am what my heart tells me and what my conscience advised.

I live in my own efforts, without dependence. I feel for myself, not dependence. Joy of life and the enjoyment I gestured toward the other; I’m drawing on this philosophy: «Do unto others as you like them to do unto you.»

No external force lolls my creative will. No political power can make me its instrument. States should be led by men like ourselves, to guarantee the same freedom to anyone who dares to live it

The vile political system that has kidnapped Venezuela has to cease to exist to make way for a new one, to one that is the guardian of my Freedom and of all decent Venezuelans. I’m not left or right, or center: my political thinking is part of Liberty; fight for it and respect of others, provided that they respect mine.

There is no blame or sin that can numb or break my moral Western man. I owe nothing to any outdated stereotype, or paradigm, or enslaving dogma. Equality can not ride on my neck to find my eyes deceive.

My Freedom, then, goes where the other begins because I am person and individual at a time. My Freedom is the essence of my being, is not a right that has been granted me; therefore, the only limit is me. I have only one choice: to live as I do know, being free.

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