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The spring of the shields

By @RoderickNavarro of @Rumbo_Libertad

In each fight we put our heart out and use it as our shield

Eduardo Bittar

Venezuela surges through the voice and the skin of its Youth. It’s the flag of Freedom the one who escorts the Seven Stars tricolor; together they simbolize the arrival of the New Republic. The patriotic youth of 2007 and 2017 decided to guide the country to integrity. We’ve understood that the “politically correct” is not always a god to praise. Our era has arrived, the one of the realpolitik; the hurricane of the children that pave life’s natural greenery its very own way.

The dictatorship wants to kill us. They torture the Youth, they humilliate them taking their clothes off, even their own intimacy and food. But even that’s not enough to stop our impetus. Nothing will ever kneel us down. We are a brotherhood of libertarian warriors all around the country. Our brotherly love has proven that there’s no such thing as “class struggle”; in Venezuela we have burried polarization; we have put aside regionalisms and furthermore: we have revived our Nation.

We want to give us our own government. But first we want to banish FARC, Hezbollah and the Cuban dictatorship from our Land. We want Justice to deal with the dictatorship’s agents and collaborators. We want, in short: Venezuela to be for Venezuelans. That’s why it doesn’t seem exaggerated to say that the Spring of the Shields is what defines our battle for our Second Independence. We’re the first country of America that’s experimenting this kind of process during the XXI century. In which a conscious folk breaks its political links from its despotical rulers.

Our battle will close a hundred year cicle within the Western world. In 1917, Communism broke out straight from Russia, viciously spreading itself to a ton of places in the world. In 2017, it will die in Venezuela by our bare hands. We’re a generation that has a deep historical sense of its actions: our battle goes further than just a bunch of regional elections or any kind of office. Our fight is changing Venezuela and the West’s path.

With our persistance the word “Freedom” gains meaning. Democracy renews itself with our stubborness. The concept of “human” shines on our sweaty skin as we don’t step back from the shots of the Communistic druglords. We’re living a political and cultural Renaissance that will influence over the becoming of our hemisphere.

The inter-American system, too, questions itself with our fight. To which point is this system useful to protect our American people from despotism and cruelty? We want to be an example to avoid this from happening in another libertarian cultured country. Because America is not a Land of slaves, but a territory of free men. Don’t you remember the libertarian shout of the XIX century was heard in the southern cone of our Land?

Unlike the first Independence process in Venezuela-which was a civil war, as Vallenilla Lanz suggested-in this chance it’s a Resistance fight against the Cuban invader and its Venezuelan traitorous allies. The People are united against these enemies: they already identify them as the Communist Dictatorship. Maduro and its collaborators indoctrinated in Cuba are the representatives of the foreigners who usurp and pretend to manage our destiny. They believed that by destroying our economy to generate hunger and misery we would surrender. They believed that, by using terror we would hide in our homes and a big part of us would even run away and leave our Sacred Land to them. They think we would fall into vices and doom through their drugs, to generate controlled dependency at their will.

But they were wrong.

For us, the enemy is that who goes against our culture and our people. We aren’t a people that settles down, that permits a subculture of drug cartels. We are not like a lot of other folks that accept awful dictatorships. No! We are Venezuelans. Nobody has ever met our lineage, our indomitable DNA. Nobody has ever found a warrior youth like ours in other latitude.

We have the necessary will to beat them and make Justice. Because it’s not an idea or the verb of a man what moves us. It is the love for Freedom, to our lifestyle where a man can be oneself and respected: a life of noble men. In spite of hunger, the sickness, the violence and cruelty they use to enslave us, we will keep on going forward like enraged rams. Shoulder to shoulder, shield to shield, step to step, like fierce lions we will face those who violently repress and try to chain us.

Behind our shields the new politicians, artists, enterpreneurs and professionals that will give bright life to our country are being forged. Even the security agents of our State will come out of there. Educated policemen, formed to protect our folk and not the despots. And also the military that will recover the dignity of our Armed Institution, dedicated to the security and defense of our Nation.

In this Spring we’re rescuing children from the streets, young men that sleep on parks and under the bridges. We have become brothers. We have become a family, because we look after each other. There’s no talk about neighborhoods, about East or West. We all, in brotherly communion, are helping to achieve the noblest goal of all prizes: Freedom. We all have one task, we all have one role, and we do it with love to the Fatherland, with God’s blessing to subdue Evil.

Libertarian brother warriors: let us keep going forward, making sure that our blood is the only warranty of the Venezuelan Freedom.

Fellow Venezuelans: gathered as a Family, let’s show the biggest rejection to these despots in every part of the world and in every way. If millions of Venezuelans keep showing rejection day and night against the agents of the dictatorship, they will not have peace, the will not be calmed. They will not have what they took away from us.

We’re preparing ourselves to the showdown of no return! Prepare yourselves. Let each region recruit its best warriors, ready with the best logistics and best will. The leaders who set an example with discipline and brotherhood will become the new Heroes, the Founding Fathers of the Venezuela Futura, the Nation that will be much better than the one our fathers lived in.

Glory to Venezuela and glory to the fallen! Let this battle end in weeks, if we, organized and focused, make them run away.

¡Libertad o nada!

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