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Venezuela and the mainstream media

By @DavidGuenni of @VFutura

There is nothing more important than the truth. When it comes to my country’s overall situation and the future of the ones younger than me, telling the truth takes a whole new dimension. Maybe it has been described a billion times; a lot of ink has probably been spilled already… But I can assure you, it hasn’t been enough. So right now I’m going to try and resume all that’s hurting Venezuela.

My country is today a colony, like any of the provinces ruled in the past by the former British or Spanish empires. The puppet dictatorship installed in power answers directly not to some flourishing neighbor, but to the filthy and shameful Cuban despotism of the Castro brothers – and it doesn’t end there. Let me be clear: Cuba takes care of logistics, intelligence and direct control of local affairs in Venezuela. But thanks to the continental hegemony project started by Castro and Brazil’s former ruler “Lula” Da Silva, the colonial situation of Venezuela has been amplified. These vicious tyrants have turned our territory into a no-man’s land for the taking: a piece of the globe where organized crime (weapons, people, property, organs… you name it), drug trafficking (FARC and other major drug cartels in the region; involvement includes high-government officials), global terrorism (Jihadists, known guerrillas and separatist groups), emerging imperialist powers (China, Russia, Iran, etc.), and the international Left all become part of a list of forces that want to see my Nation’s face wiped off the map.

What organization sums it all up? The so far best-kept secret in the hemisphere: the Foro de São Paulo. If you’re not familiar with Latin America’s post-Cold War geopolitical issues, you might not have read of these people before. But the fact is this: they rule the continent by controlling the governments and the cultural establishments of most our Nations. Yes, correct, if you thought Communism was dead after 1989-1990, think again. The year is 2015 and the dream of resurrecting a Soviet Empire by controlling everything just below the Río Grande, is alive and kicking. You’ve probably heard of UNASUR, ALBA, Petro Caribe, OAS, CELAC, MERCOSUR, and so forth. Well, bad news, they are now all part of the same continental theater performance destined to consolidate Marxism in Latin America and the Caribbean. (Coming soon to Europe through Greece and Spain!)

The internal situation is but a mere reflection of what’s going on “outside”. The person illegally occupying the presidency of this Venezuelan satrapy is a die-hard Stalinist… ¡born in Colombia! Chávez’s heir (Maduro) is just as obedient a soldier as his predecessor. The absolute lack of legitimacy extends to each and every position in the State and all Public Powers; every single level of government is occupied by fraudulent, corrupt and -of course- loyal officials. Why are they all illegal and illegitimate? Because they have all been put there by either electoral fraud or the hand of a Regime whose respect for the Constitution is equal to gravity in outer space. Hell, even the Constitution is illegal!

You might already be wondering: does that include the so-called Opposition? Absolutely. What is now called the MUD is nothing but the sequel to a bad political joke started by Chávez. In 2003 the late despot realized he needed a mirror-like “Opposition”, just to play the game of dialectics while he assumed total control over Venezuela. The experiment of artificially bringing back to life the parties that back then formed the Coordinadora Democrática went on so well, that in 2008 the Regime created part two: the MUD.

These “politicians” owe their survival to an unknown number of business partnerships with people who answer only to the dictatorship. They’ve continued endorsing any number of electoral frauds over the years (including elections in which the ruling party “lost”). They softly allow gigantic violations of just about every law and institution you can imagine. Their daily activities consist in actively inducing the angry anti-Chávez majority of the population to hopelessness and despair. They heartily applaud this felonious system by accepting small tokens of political and economic power within the State. And, last but not least, they strongly condemn -or even attack- whatever forces our society creates in order to effectively battle the tyranny. In this and every other sense, the MUD has become the perfect “adversary” for a genocidal Regime that is sucking the life out of Venezuela.

If you think the picture I’m describing is evil, try living down here. We have a collaborationist “Opposition” that assumes the task of wiping off the blood from the murderous “Government” (they call it that), both nationally and internationally. To some extent, this is similar to the Vichy government in Nazi-occupied France, or the situation with the puppet regimes that dominated the orbit of the USSR in Cold War times. But then you have got to add a very poisonous ingredient to this nightmare: large chunks of the influential sectors of the population, the media, universities, celebrities, intellectuals, business men… the ruling class, in short, answers to either of the two “sides” that are actually playing for one and the same team. It’s like having a city ruled by two “opposing” mafia families who are secretly -but many times very openly- working together. Pretty creepy, right? That’s a war in three fronts!

It all comes down to this. I write to you from the semi-clandestine world of the Venezuelan Resistance. I could use your help. And I have to start telling you that my country’s history has led to this disaster in part because you and many others have paid attention to the global mainstream media. Sad but true. The reason you have most likely heard about some of the facts I have stated here but have not been able to draw the whole scenario, is the mainstream media and its constant lies. Transnational interests have kept the truth about this resurgence of Communism hidden – while they enthusiastically expose the horrors of other ideologies. They have -in the past- supported Chávez and recently backed up the grotesque deeds of the MUD. They have kept silent while this Regime swallows the integrity of an entire continent. They have made the effort of the Resistance practically invisible outside our borders. And they have insistently distorted information so that you only receive little bits of knowledge about the real tragedy we experience daily, in our towns and cities here. You think we are having a rough time surviving under this regime? Well it’s a million times worse than whatever you have in mind.

So if you despise totalitarianism as much as we do and hold any value in human liberty, turn off the mainstream media. Help the Venezuelan Resistance: Latin America’s last shot at dignity. The tables are turning right about now. The situation for those in power looks uglier by the hour, but no magical force will guarantee our success. We have to fight all the way. So spread the truth, help Venezuelans who want real change (instead of fraudulent elections and this “peace” for slaves), support our cause – and not just we will be the ones grateful, but the West as a civilization.

This side of the planet has gone far too soft on the Left, and Cultural Marxism dominates most public opinion, the media, entertainment, university life, politics, art, and culture in general. The West ceased being liberal in mentality and is now governed by a socialist mind-scheme. That is why such myopia has developed when facing this sort of atrocities. That’s why, suddenly, there are good criminals and bad criminals in power. I tell you now, this bias has to end. While you keep buying “Ché” Guevara t-shirts we are dying like street dogs. So take a stand, stop the Red slaughter of Venezuelans!

Libertad o nada

(It means: “Freedom or nothing”)

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