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Venezuela | Between Pollution and Hell

By @DavidGuenni of @VFutura

Venezuela is today a huge fourth-world prison. The former Nation-State, once regarded as the most attractive destination in the Caribbean, now considers its own citizens as top-ranking public enemies, doing everything within grasp to defend, protect and promote all sorts of criminals as exemplary individuals. The Bolivarian dream -that of a Jacobin republic ruled by the egalitarian influence of the illiterate masses- has, in a very earthly manner, been fulfilled. Fifteen years ago, when the term «Bolivarian» was introduced as part of the official State name, very few visionaries were aware of what that would actually mean in the near future. There is not a corner of our cities which does not reflect the invariable will of the ruling elite: to turn the territories of this once sovereign country into a concentration camp for its own people.

Preoccupied with nothing but their own survival, haunted by their cultural contradictions and perversions, the inhabitants of this Nation-sized jail got used to living among streets covered in garbage, an intolerably noisy and loud environment, the filthiest of airs to breathe, with contaminated water coming into their homes (when it comes at all); a visual context filled with negativity, propaganda or just plain ugliness, and, on top of everything, we must take into account the inability to even notice that there’s something wrong with their surroundings.

But filth is not the whole description of this living Hell. Here comes the tragic part. Daily crime, violence, misery, poverty, a practical absence of the State it its core function (providing for justice and security), disease and sickness deriving from such a grotesque environment, a health system in ruins, scarcity of just about every product you can imagine from time to time, sky-rocketing corruption, would-be totalitarian surveillance and repression, every branch of the public services becoming virtually a fading memory, an agonizing economy, brutal financial instability at all levels, total contempt for private property, calculated smothering of individual and social entrepreneurship, having to queue up in order to be able to satisfy every single need in life, insulting inflation and the currency’s massive loss of value, basic liberal and democratic institutions torn apart… we could be on this list for years; a list concerning -by the way- ALL social sectors and not just the lower classes.

This entire situation has -of course- major consequences not only in terms of the standard of living, it has huge effects in terms of the social and psychological configuration of the collective conscience. Venezuelans have accustomed themselves to a life resembling that of the hostage. The solutions adopted by the Venezuelan civil society have -up until very recently- almost always meant a worsening of the grievous vicious circle in which the country has fallen. It was only a few months ago that the vast majorities of the non-Bolshevik side of the population realized the only way out of this hellhole was by active Resistance. Civil disobedience and the use of radical methods -to defend the dignity and integrity of the individuals and families that do not want to live as part of a Cuban-governed communist colony- are all that’s left.

The saddest and toughest of conclusions comes to mind when we realize that Venezuelans have transformed, in a very deep sense, into that which imitates the environment and surroundings in which they live. Many Venezuelans have adopted a pathetic tactic of mimicry within this jungle of fear, death, waste and scandal. Whoever the case, everybody has become a mirror for some part of this prison. It is a regrettable but true fact. All in all, the phenomenon finds its roots in a cultural deficiency that goes way back in time and combines with the workings of the socialist ruling classes that have dominated this country over the past five decades. Communism has served, nevertheless, as a thoughtful lesson for a very promising sector of the citizenry, a sector that looks upon its own present situation with horror and disgust: the youth. Young people, inspired by their flaming natural character and their future aspirations, understood that it is not a nice thing to have your life stolen from you when you are a kid; and they are willing to change – willing to change what? Politics, the economy, the legislation…? No! Willing to change the CULTURE, of course!

Clearly, this project might take many decades. But nothing else will solve itself unless the cultural mess isn’t tackled as priority. We have to remember that very cunning definition of culture as the layer of things remaining in Man when everything else has been taken away. Venezuela has been stripped away of all its former material comforts and has been left off with nothing but the darkest corner of its ancient ways of doing, interpreting, believing and behaving. That’s a part of why we cannot blame everything on Marxism and the communists. However, we cannot blame everything on old customs and inherited ancestral habits either; the Left has been the intellectual and practical author of many of our Nation’s disasters. That is, on the other hand, why those of us who really fight back shall seize power and throw the reds out, moving towards the foundation of a true Republic.

There is a common-base factor upon which this article wishes to gather most of the attention: the lack of self-esteem of the current average Venezuelan. We could blame it on whatever the reader wants to, but the problem is there, causing and resulting from everything else that is rotten in this place. Most of the the cheap and false solutions we have accepted from the so-called “leaders” of the treacherous opposition, come from this dreadful absence of self-respect. As libertarians, we can only count on the youths of today to fully grasp the depth and width of the challenge lying ahead, and to do something about it. But where can we start? Well, we can start by having much more confidence in ourselves and our power as a generation, taking more pride in our dignity and our worth, having more guts to throw ourselves into the arena of real public confrontation (in spite of being in a tyrannical regime)… In short, let’s start by believing that we alone -and not some bunch of phony political messiahs, comfortable with the status quo- can turn this reality upside down.

#AutLibertasAutNihil / #FreedomOrNothing / #LibertadOnada

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